Occassional updates (random ramblings)

well ….like we need proof that I’m not exactly consistent with keeping this thing up-to-date.  At least my tweets and twitters are coming through.

Not getting much chess play lately. Playing freerolls online, particularly those offerring an entry fee to NZ tourneys.  Making better progress each time, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m getting better or if I’m just adapting to the style of online play that is requirted for these particular tourneys.  Lately I’ve also been playing in live tourneys at Iconics bar in town every 2nd Wednesday.  Usually get knocked out midway through 2nd to last table, which is not bad, considering there is usually a field of about 60 players.  In general I think my play is improving, but discipline still remains an issue.

On the work front: …I scored a job selling kitchens for a major “cash and carry warehouse” – awesome job and it’s done wonders for my knee (not constantly walking over broken ground).  The employee discount is great too :D

Golf: …It’s september and I had my first game this year in the weekend!!  I impressed myself!  Despite winning the “honest golfer” award, I think I actually played better than in last years “Samoan Open”.  So much so that I’m keen to get out there and play some more.  Rex and I will be going out for a round next week.  I’ll be sure to post how that goes

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