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Rugby mismatch …by design!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Had to work last night so I taped the rugby and watched it when I got home.

I think the SANZAR nations can be thankful that so many of the islanders have to play their rugby in Europe. If they were able to field teams in Super Rugby or an equivalent of the current Tri-Nations Tournament, you can guarantee they would soon be winning the fair share of matches

I also think the IRB need to take a good look at the way this tourney is run. All teams need to be on a level playing field (pun intended) with regard to rest days between games. It is not logistically impossible to create a draw that allows every team a minimum of 5 days between games and a maximum of 8 instead of the current situation where some teams play numerous games with 4 or 5 day breaks and others don’t play any games with less than a 6 day break.

Proposed RWC tourney structure

In this proposed structure each team would have at least 5 days between games whilst the viewing public would have at least one game to watch each day. A much better more even spread of games with the same number of teams and pools as the current structure