It’s just not fair!

Funny how everything can change ~ SNAP! ~ just like that as if at the click of someones fingers. This last week has taken me from one extreme to the other.
One week ago today was my 46th birthday, I awoke to a cooked breakfast and my family sharing with me the gifts they had bought for the occassion. I had to go to work but the day went smoothly and I was out the door and headed home by 6.30pm. And after a beautiful day we capped things off with a bottle of champagne and some strawberries, which I followed up with Jamesons and Miller chasers. The day was bliss and all was perfect. A couple of days later I walked in to my optometrist to enquire about contact lenses, an hour or so later I walked out with contacts in my eyes and I spent the next 2 days marvelling at the new world I had discovered and wondering why I hadn’t done this 30 yrs earlier.


I get a message that my sister has been hospitalised. An ectopic pregnancy which resulted in her having a fallopian tube removed and spending 2 days in hospital before going home to more rest and recovery. I was a little conflicted as the situation had potentially tragic consequences, but her recovery was good and she was genuinely excited about my optical transformation. It had almost been a kick in the guts to what started as a good week, but life was still a blessing and I felt blessed to be enjoying it as such.


Friday night, after a dinner to celebrate my granddaughters 6th birthday, I’m sitting at home winding down and the phone rings. It’s my oldest sister. She tells me she has bad news. Everything stops.

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